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To Find What Was Lost by James Goodwin

sept 2017 book 001Drew had all that he wanted in life-a beautiful wife, a bright and alert toddler, a successful small business and then tragedy took it all away. In a freakish accident he lost his wife, son and his own will to live. Money was no longer an issue, the insurance company settled in a huge way. Still he couldn’t beat the depression till he sold every thing and took a road trip that ended in his deceased wife’s hometown in northern Michigan. His first day he sees her jogging and a spark relights his will to fully live again. His desire to know this woman is challenged because her heart belongs to another and that other is a woman. He does learn that she is a former Olympic runner and now is a high school track and cross country coach. The radical fundamentalist pastor in town has made it his goal to drive same sex couples out of town and he has used the pulpit to fire up angry and destructive feelings. Now Drew has taken on the role of fighting bigotry but also protecting her life. The question remains will she love him for his actions or remain in the arms of her lover.

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